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Bamboo Cutting Board - Extra Large Wooden 18 x 12.5 Inch Wood Cutting Boards for Kitchen with Juice Drip Groove - Best Organic Bamboo Chopping Board for Eco-Friendly Cooking

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR CUTTING, CARVING, AND ENTERTAINING! This large square wooden cutting board has plenty of space for chopping multiple ingredients, displaying and serving appetizers, and is bordered with deep juice wells, so you can carve that turkey or steak mess-free.

  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN! Bamboo wooden cutting boards are more durable than hardwood, but non-porous, so it won't absorb bacteria, odors, or stains from foods. Simply wash with soap and water, and rub monthly with mineral oil to preserve your organic bamboo cutting boards for years. 

  • SMOOTH AND STABLE CUTTING SURFACE! This high quality cutting board arrives sanded to a smooth finish, and is expertly weighted for stability. We stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty so you'll never worry about splits, chips, cracks, or warps coming between you and the best bamboo cutting board you've ever owned.

  • COMPLETELY SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY! This non-toxic cutting board is sourced from sustainable and natural organic bamboo, and contains no harmful chemicals such as BPA, formaldehyde glue, or lacquer coating, which means it's completely safe for your family and the environment too.

  • KEEPS YOUR KNIVES SHARP! Bamboo cutting boards are crafted from strands of bamboo grass rather than one solid unyielding surface like plastic, so this thick, strong, bamboo wood cutting board won't damage or dull your chef knives - keeping them sharp.

Our premium bamboo chopping board was designed for precision cutting. The parallel strips of natural moso bamboo fiber help keep vegetables and meat from slipping while you slice. This is essential for making uniform cuts, a technique for cooking food evenly.


Do you have high-end knife blades and cutlery? They will stay sharp longer on our bamboo surface, which also gives a nice feel and feedback to the blade when you cut sushi. So, get the most out of your professional chef and santoku knives.

Our cutting board is durable, so go ahead and use it like a wooden butcher block with a cleaver. Unlike other boards, it feels thick and more solid, with a good weight. It also won't scar easily like plastic, making it more sanitary.

Bamboo is also eco friendly and more environmentally sustainable.


The drip groove helps make cleaning up easy. Juice from watermelon or carving a turkey won't make a mess on your table or countertop. Compared to other brands, the grooves on ours is deeper and holds more liquid.


It is also multifunctional and reversible. Use it as a serving tray for a vegetable and fruit spread, as a gourmet cheese and charcuterie platter, as a breadboard, or plate like a pro for a special foodie dinner party.  Finally, it makes a great house warming gift or elegant wedding present that will be appreciated by professional and home chefs alike.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We take pride in our manufacturing processes and the quality materials used in our products. Your purchase is backed by our manufacturer 30 day Money Back Guarantee with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If it splits, chips, cracks, or warps, we will replace it free of charge.


Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 0.75 inch

Weight: 3.63 lbs


This is the recommended, restaurant grade bamboo cutting board that you have been searching for. Buy one (or two) today!

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